Transforming Healthcare Awareness in Riyadh's Namar Region

Dallah Namar Hospital Opening Campaign

Dallah Health's latest venture, Dallah Namar Hospital, unfolds in Riyadh's vibrant Namar region, spanning 119,000 square meters. This project aims to revolutionize healthcare awareness with a meticulously planned and executed communication campaign, uniquely tailored to a single city, offering a world-class medical experience in the heart of Riyadh.

Project Goals

Dallah Namar Hospital Opening Campaign embarked on a four-month journey, commencing with a strategic messaging workshop. We crafted precise, credible, and compelling messages, meticulously tailored to our single-city target audience. Over the course of the campaign

  • Raise awareness about the comprehensive healthcare services at Dallah Namar Hospital.
  • Create a strong brand presence in the Namar region.
  • Establish credibility through accurate and compelling messaging.
  • Secure substantial media coverage and engage key stakeholders.

6 Press releases

Over 48 hits in the targeted area

10 channels

A full-page interview in the Kingdom’s number 1 newspaper