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Design a campaign to shift perceptions about Fairmont's Royal Clock Tower in Makkah. Given the challenges faced due to public sentiment when introducing a tower overlooking the sacred Kaabah, the goal is to generate significant attention. By partnering with the EBSAR Foundation, Fairmont aims to make a transformative difference in an individual's life.

Project Goals

To shift public sentiment towards the Royal Clock Tower, converting skepticism into admiration.

Project Overview 

Fairmont’s Royal Clock Tower in Makkah, a majestic architectural feat, faced a significant challenge. Located facing the holy Kaabah, it initially met some resistance due to public sentiment. The challenge was to not just alter this perception but to create an indelible positive impact. Fairmont partnered with the EBSAR Foundation, a noble institution dedicated to rehabilitating those with vision impairments, with a mission to change a life in an unparalleled way.

Campaign Strategy and Execution

Our agency curated a heartfelt campaign. Three individuals from the EBSAR Foundation, on the cusp of regaining their sight through surgical intervention, were chosen. These individuals, along with their families and significant others, were invited to the tower. In a symbolic and emotional gesture, their first vision upon the removal of their bandages would be the sacred sight of the Holy Kaabah.

From the initial stages of candidate selection, to accompanying them during treatment and post-operative care, to the grand unveiling event, our agency meticulously planned every detail. Both Fairmont and the EBSAR Foundation generously funded this initiative.

Campaign Outcomes 

  • Over 7-8 local and regional TV channels covered the event.
  • The event secured over 17 features in print newspapers.
  • Digital traction was achieved with over 25 features on prominent online platforms.

Most importantly, public sentiment underwent a marked shift. Post-campaign perception audits revealed a 50% positive rating. Negative sentiment plummeted from 70% to 20%, while neutral sentiments stood at 30%. The Royal Clock Tower wasn’t just seen as an architectural marvel, but also as an emblem of hope and positive change.

FRHI Royal Clock Tower

Changing Perception
FRHI Makkah
"Working with The Makers Lab on the Royal Clock Tower project was a game-changer. Their expertise, dedication, and cultural awareness turned challenges into success, surpassing media expectations and reshaping public sentiment."
Client – FRHI Makkah
Revealed positive rating
Sentiment fell from 70% to 20%.
neutral sentiments stood at


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