AVEVA World Conference Middle East, Africa & Pakistan 2020

AVEVA World Conference – Abu Dhabi

  • Media Relations
  • Thought Leadership
  • Interviews

The AVEVA World Conference Middle East, Africa & Pakistan 2020, held at the Grand Hyatt Abu Dhabi on January 22, 2020, united over 300 senior leaders from various industries, including oil & gas, Food & Beverage, Power, and Infrastructure. It served as a platform for networking and knowledge-sharing about AVEVA's solutions. The M Lab Team's key role was engaging five tier 1 Saudi Arabian media representatives, ensuring their attendance and extensive coverage of the event.

Objective and Execution 

To engage tier 1 media representatives from Saudi Arabia for comprehensive coverage of the AVEVA World Conference in Abu Dhabi.

Media Selections
Identifying and selecting suitable tier 1 media representatives from Saudi Arabia
Invitation and Follow-Up
Extending invitations to the selected media representatives and ensuring diligent follow-up
Travel Arrangements
Coordinating and managing all travel logistics for the media representatives
Interview Coordination
Organizing interviews between the media and key event speakers
Press Conference Management
Planning and executing press conferences during the event, ensuring proper setup
Press Release Dispatch
Preparing and distributing press releases before, during, and after the conference
Expanded Media Coverage
The event achieved extensive coverage in Saudi Arabian media, enhancing AVEVA's visibility and reach
Effective Knowledge Sharing
The conference facilitated knowledge exchange and networking among industry leaders, fostering collaboration and awareness


The AVEVA World Conference Middle East, Africa & Pakistan 2020 yielded significant outcomes. It garnered substantial media attention from Saudi Arabia, amplifying AVEVA's presence. Additionally, the event successfully promoted knowledge sharing and collaboration among industry leaders, enhancing awareness of AVEVA's solutions and fostering valuable partnerships.

Event Snapshots