Driving Impact and Influence at the 2019 International Motor Show

Chery Influencers Unleash Shanghai

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The M Lab team embarked on an extraordinary journey in collaboration with renowned influencers - Heba AlHussain, Nada Baeshen, Mouth Abdulrahman, Ahmed Al-Shehri, Falah Al Jarba, and Rasha Quick. This venture involved an 8-day excursion to Shanghai, where these influencers were set to explore Chery factories and make a significant impact at the 2019 International Motor Show.

Witness how six influencers transformed an ordinary trip to Shanghai into a marketing spectacle, creating a buzz that resonated across millions.

Follow their journey as they uncover the magic behind Chery’s automotive innovations and dazzle the world at the 2019 International Motor Show.

The result? More than 35 million views and a resounding success for Chery and The M Lab team.

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Chery Auto International

Project Leader
Diab Nassar

Project Team
Ahmed Nazzal
Yasmin Aladdin
Wagas Alshareef

Rawan Al Dosary
Omar Shdoukhy