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Fairmont, Raffles Hotel International (Makkah Clock Tower)

Fairmont, Raffles Hotel International (Makkah Clock Tower)


Project Description

Create a campaign that will lead opinion change toward Fairmont’s royal clock tower in Makkah, as launching such a tower facing the holy Kaabah, was a hard mission to be accomplished due to the people’s opinion. The aim was to create a massive buzz by having Fairmont in collaboration with EBSAR foundation changes someone’s life forever.

Ebsar foundation is a foundation serves to rehabilitate those with vision impairment to be self-dependent and productive elements in the society.



Reputation Change



The agency planned a campaign, where 3 candidates from the Ebsar foundation were selected to go under a operational procedure to gain back their sights, then to take all 3 candidates with the presence of their families and beloved ones, along with local and regional media up the tower and to unveil the bandages of their eyes to the most beautiful scene of the Holy Kaabah, as it was the first thing they ever land their eyes on.

This initiative was fully funded by Fairmont and the foundation, the agency was responsible for all the arrangements, coordination, and publicity along the entire healing process, starting from picking the candidates from their houses, going with them to the treatments sessions and follow ups, until the unveiling day.


The Results

More than 7-8 local and regional TV channels attended the event

More than 17 news clippings in the newspapers

More than 25 news clippings in online portals

The result of the perception audit increased to 50% positive and changed from 70% negative to 20% negative, and 30% nuetral.


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