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Brand Communication in the Time of Corona

Brand Communication in the Time of Corona

In a time of panic and uncertainty for many businesses, brands are baffled as to what to communicate to their audience, particularly if they are far from the medical field and cannot directly provide support. At a time where the world has been robbed of the simplest pleasures; leaving the house unprotected, going for coffee with friends, unwinding at the gym on late nights. Our natural instinct would be to go quiet, wait it out, and hope to god this passes soon.

We are here to tell you that communication with your audience should never stop!

Your community needs you, be there for them.

How? Here are some communication tactics that might help:

  • Show support to community:

We understand that many businesses might be suffering during these times, specially brick and mortar stores who have seen sales decrease significantly. But now is not the time to think of increasing sales and hard selling, this will reflect badly on your brand in the long run. Brands must continue to reflect their values and continue to communicate in a consistent and timely manner while being an active member and player in the community. In such times, opportunity for CSR is always present, but ensure the brand deals with it in a sensitive manner, while truly staying true to the brand culture and beliefs.

  • Communicate Internally

Your internal workforce is your primary audience and biggest advocate, make sure they consistently hear from you at a time like this. State all the measures that will be taken to keep all of them safe; be sure to communicate policies promptly and clearly and explain the reason behind them. And remember, leaders are molded during times of challenge.

  • Entertain

With so many people confined to their homes, your chance of being heard and seen has increased significantly. How can you tap into that?

By creating engaging posts, branded videos or games, relevant education content or even content to take their mind of the collective crisis the world is enduring.

  • Establish a Crisis Communication Plan:

We cannot stress this enough; no business is immune. Now is the time to have a plan set for all possible scenarios that can affect the name of your brand. A clear list of possible scenarios should be identified and tackled individually, while preparing executives to communicate with stakeholders should a situation arise.

Consistently keep lines of communication open, show support to your community and adjust your communication strategy accordingly. This too shall pass, and it is essential to stay positive and hold your brand strongly until we are safe at bay.


Yasmin Aladdin

Associate Director – Strategic Planning & Business Development at The M Lab


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