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Bright Side of the COVID-19 Pandemic



Bright Side of the COVID-19 Pandemic


In a time where we are drowned in fears and negativity, can you actually believe that the coronavirus has some positive effects on us and that due to our fears and concerns we were unable to notice them?

As you might have already noticed that the quarantine we are living now, has affected positively four major points around us, the (society & family– education – environmental changes – social media). We will explore each point separately.

  • Society & Family

The coronavirus has helped in changing our lifestyle into a healthier and more well-organized lifestyle. We became more aware and cautious in our day-to-day routine, we are taking more care of our health, starting from personal hygiene and ending by eating health and taking the right number of vitamins.

Many families are getting the chance to spend some quality time with their kids or parents and even some are bonding all over again.

  • Education

A lot of schools, universities, institutes started helping all students all around the world to keep on studying online and they are doing their best to help the young generation in getting the right knowledge. Even a lot of institutes are providing free online portals that contain educational programs and videos in order to help the youth in moving forward with their school year.

  • Environment

One of the biggest changes that happened lately is that the quarantine helped in dropping the pollution rates by 50% all around the globe. A lot of studies have shown that there was a major change in Italy’s and Chain’s climate just because the amount of carbon dioxide has dropped rapidly. We can feel as if the earth is breathing again, its healing!

  • Social Media

Also, we can notice that there has been a huge change with the content that we are seeing on all our social media platforms, the content became more educational, fun, and positively spreading awareness. All celebrities, influencers, politicians, and even regular users are working hand in hand and putting all their powers in spreading awareness and encouraging people to be patient and strong through all what’s happening.

It totally normal to be feeling worried and concerned, but looking at the bright side it’s only a matter of time and everything will be back to normal with even more positive changes that wasn’t planned.

Think of it as if the universe is taking a break now, and it will be back in action like never before.



Ghalia Sukkar

Executive Assistant – MD Office

The M Lab Office


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